Getting Forgiven, Giving Forgiveness

God created all life. Choosing God’s way is choosing life. Choosing NOT God’s way is choosing the opposite of God. That is choosing death. We call this choosing death, this pattern of behaviour, SIN.

As Christians, it is important to be aware of our sin, so that we can turn from that behaviour back to God’s intention for us. It’s not about making people feel guilty, it’s about living a better life and being healthy.

When someone treats us in an un-loving or hurtful manner, we call that “being sinned against”. And when we treat others in an un-loving way, we call that “sinning against” the other person. 

Forgiving others is neither agreeing with their behaviour, nor saying that what they did was OK. Forgiving others is letting go of the pain and resentment, so that we can be free of the hurt they have inflicted upon us.

Most of us want justice for the sinful things that others have done to us. Are we as interested in giving justice to those we have hurt, as we are in obtaining justice for what has been done to us?

Freedom requires both forgiving and forgiveness. Unforgiveness traps us in the pain of our past. It’s time to move on.

For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. 
Matthew 6:14-15

Start Here

Take a few moments to ask the Lord, and consider if there is any sin(s) you need to be forgiven for.

Consider who has hurt you. Consider any person (people) that you need to forgive. 

Pray Out Loud

Father in Heaven, in Jesus’ name,

I forgive  (name the person(s))  for  (describe what they did to you).

Lord, I forgive and release them. And in your name, Jesus, I send them blessings.

Lord, I confess that I have sinned, I am sorry for  (describe the sin).

I am truly sorry, please forgive me.

I repent and turn from my sinful behaviour(s) and choose to follow Jesus instead.

Thank you Jesus, that you died on the cross for me, so that I could be forgiven and be set free.

Thank you Jesus, for offering forgiveness and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

I now receive that gift.

Please come into my life to become my Saviour and the Lord of my life, to rule and to reign in my heart, from this day forward.

Please help to increase my faith.

Thank you, Lord Jesus.