Pray. Meditate on these questions.

Write down your answers:

Why do I lust?

Why do I believe that I deserve sex?A

What is my reward for lusting?

Am I trying to mask un-healthy emotional pain by turning to sexual pleasure?

I was generally unhappy and anxious, and feared death. Whenever I felt unhappy I would turn to lust, porn or other comfort, after 20 years of this I did not feel any better.


Pray out loud:

In Jesus’ name, I reject lust. I reject the lie that lust has helped me.

In Jesus’ name, I reject the lie that I deserve sex.

In Jesus’ name, I proclaim the truth that lust has provided me with neither joy nor satisfaction. Lust has no reward.

In Jesus’ name, I proclaim that lust cannot heal me.

Jesus, please heal the damage I have caused myself through lust.

Jesus as I hand you this lust, what do you give me in exchange?

Record whatever you think or feel Jesus gives you in exchange.

Say out loud:

Thank you Jesus, that you have exchanged my lust for ________.

Embrace this new truth.