Meditation #2

Getting Jesus deeper into your Subconscious

Note: This is an advanced technique. This technique may make some people physically, emotionally and / or spiritually uncomfortable. Do not attempt this unless you are in reasonably good physical and spiritual health. You should also be familiar with Meditation #1 and  Simple Spiritual Diaphragmatic Breathing before attempting this model.

As stated in Meditation #1, meditation is a powerful tool in the pursuit of healing the unhealthy coping methods that have become a part of us.

Meditation is the art of becoming aware of yourself and opens the potential for deep inner healing. Meditation #2 is designed to help get deeper into this area than Meditation #1. Before attempting this model, repeat Meditation #1 and practice Simple Spiritual Diaphragmatic Breathing, several times, until you are comfortable with these disciplines.

In this exercise, we add a type of “breath work” (Simple Spiritual Diaphragmatic Breathing), to enhance the basic meditation model.

There may be a moment in this exercise, where you start to feel uncomfortable with the process, as if your body is saying, “too much.” Unless you are feeling very physically distressed, I encourage you to push through these moments and continue the exercise. It is typically after we push through the discomfort that we see the greatest effects.

Meditation through, or with, the presence and power of God, significantly enhances the safety and effectiveness of this practice.

Do It!

Get Ready

Find a quiet place where you will be less likely to be interrupted. Sit upright in a comfortable position and relax.

Throughout the session, if any sounds or interruptions occur, simply identify and label them and tell yourself you will deal with them later. For example, “That is a noise, I will deal with that later.”

Take a few seconds to remind yourself that you are setting aside this time for yourself, and you are in no hurry. Feel your body and allow it to relax. Let any tension drain from you.

Remember the feeling of being filled by the Holy Spirit. Pull this sensation down through your mind and body. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you again. Surrender to the Holy Spirit.


  1. Breathe in deeply, through your nose, and inflate your stomach. As you inhale, say, “Yah”.
  2. As your stomach area fills, continue to inhale. Inflate only your upper chest, and say, “Weh”.
  3. Pause. Imagine your breath, and the spirit of God, filling your head, flowing into your body.
  4. As you exhale, say, “protect me”. Imagine Father God’s love surrounding and protecting you.

    Each breath cycle should take about 5 – 6 seconds. Repeat about 5 to 10 times. Continue:

  5. As you inflate your stomach say, “Holy”,
  6. As you inflate your chest say, “Spirit”.
  7. As you pause, imagine your breath, and the Holy Spirit, filling your head, and flowing into your body.
  8. As you exhale, say, “fill me”. Imagine the Holy Spirit’s love surrounding and filling you

    Repeat about 5 to 10 times, continue:

  9. As you inflate your stomach say, “Je”,
  10. As you inflate your chest say, “sus”.
  11. As you pause image your breath and Jesus’ love filling your head, and flowing into your body.
  12. As you exhale say, “heal me”. Imagine Jesus’ love filling and healing you.
    See the light and love of Jesus filling your entire body and mind, and overflowing from you.

Once you feel the presence of Jesus, in step #12, above, go deeper:

  1. Invite Jesus into the deepest parts of your pain and ask Him to heal you.
  2. Invite Jesus into the deepest parts of your pain. Ask Him to simply sit with you there. See the two of you there and remain there with Him.
  3. If you no longer feel the need to breathe, exhale deeply and slowly. As you do so, image letting go of everything (let go of life). See your entire self flow into Jesus. (Remember to start breathing again!)
  4. Simply sit and have a conversation with Jesus. Ask questions.
  5. Give everything to Jesus. Then ask Him who you are.
  6. Ask Jesus what lies you are believing. Then reject those lies. Ask Jesus what the truth is. Proclaim and own that truth.
  7. Ask Jesus what you need to do to heal completely. Follow His instructions.
  8. Follow your instincts during this Holy encounter.

Stay in the place of meditation for as long as time permits.

With practice and patience, you will be able to meditate for longer and longer periods of time. As your meditation ability increases, your connection and intimacy with God, through the Holy Spirit, also increases. A natural consequence of this practice is a renewed mind, and the ability to have open dialogues and increased intimacy with God / Jesus / The Holy Spirit.