Shock & Trauma

A Prayer

Much addiction is simply our attempt to avoid pain, often old emotional pain and trauma. We have seen life long psychological strain and suffering resulting from childhood traumatic events.

The trauma often takes on a life of its own that over stimulates our “fight or flight” system, keeping us on edge and burning us out, and often we turn to anything that helps us avoid the pain.

Calming this storm is another step toward healing, and often requires multiple approaches and repeat treatments.

Here is one way of going straight at the effects of the trauma.

This a standard prayer often used within SOZO Ministry.

Pray This:

Lord Jesus I ask that by the power of the Holy Spirit you would remove all natural shock, trauma, fear and terror off of:

  • the cells of my body
  • my organs (name any specific that may be effected)
  • my muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, cartilage, bones, and bone marrow
  • my blood stream and my DNA
  • my nervous system from the stem of my brain to my nerve endings – I ask Lord Jesus that you would pour your oil of healing into my nervous system
  • my mind, on the conscious level, the subconscious level and the unconscious level
  • my emotions, my will, my identity and my spirit
  • all non-cognitive and pre-verbal memories
  • all cognitive and verbal memories
  • my amygdale, my hypothalamus, please return them to their natural functioning state, turning off the alarm systems and the hyper vigilance with in me

I ask Lord Jesus that you would receive all the silent screams from my body. I ask that you would turn off the fight and flight response that has been activated by the shock and trauma from any past event and that you would restore the fight and flight response to your original design within me.

I ask Lord Jesus that you would restore my brain to its natural balance and that you would establish new neurological connections within me to the joy centre.

Lord Jesus I ask that you would fill my cells with your peace, you love, your joy. Please bring my body to a place of rest. I ask all of this in Jesus holy name, Amen

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