The Holy Spirit

Filled by the Holy Spirit

Often referred to as being baptized by, or being filled with, the Holy Spirit, this is the process of surrendering to God / Jesus in a profound way. In that surrendering, you allow God’s grace, power and love to flow through your consciousness and your body.

Accounts vary, and range from people collapsing in spiritual ecstasy (often called being “slain” in the spirit), to people who simply feel a calm, loving presence.

Some entire faith movements are founded on being filled by the Holy Spirit, but producing this state should be a common practice and experience in any body of Christian believers. Jesus told us He would be with us forever, and that He would send his Holy Spirit to empower and comfort us. So we should not be surprised when being filled by the Holy Spirit happens to us.

Being filled by the Holy Spirit is transformative and repeatable. Most people’s first experience typically occurs when someone prays for them to be filled by the Holy Spirit. However, many people have this encounter with God without having received prayer from other Christians.

Being filled places us in very close and intimate proximity to God. In that proximity, we have an opportunity for significant healing, transformation and communication with God.

And when they had prayed, the place where they had gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness.
Acts 4:31


  1. If you have never been Filled with the Holy Spirit, seek out a “spirit filled” Christian whom you trust, and ask them to pray that you would be filled. Let them lead the process, and pray as they instruct you to pray.
  2. If #1 above is unlikely to happen, find a quiet space where you can relax and pray, uninterrupted, for about 15 minutes. Take a few minutes to prepare your heart and mind, by allowing yourself to relax. Ask Jesus if there are any sins of which you need to be forgiven. Ask Jesus if there is anyone you need to forgive. As any thought occurs to you, either confess or offer forgiveness as appropriate. Open your heart, and ask the Holy Spirit to baptize, or to fill you. Asking could go something like this, “Holy Spirit baptize me with your love and power. Please come into my heart and mind. Fill me with your love and grace and comfort. Come into my life, my heart and my mind.”In your spirit / consciousness, call the love of the Lord to come and fill you and flow through you. Relax and release yourself to God. Then you basically wait and see if anything happens. Most people will feel something quite subtle the first few times they do this. With practice and love it becomes easier and more intense.

    Everyone who calls on the Lord will feel this “filling” with God’s love and grace. Your experience will be unique.

If you have previously received baptism in the Holy Spirit

Relax and pray to the Holy Spirit to fill you again. As you do this, remember what you felt the previous time you felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Call this feeling back to you. With practice, you will notice that the feeling will return. The feeling will sustain and build.

Now what?

As you get better at stepping into the place of intimacy with the Holy Spirit, you will experience deeper and deeper intimacy with God. This deeper and deeper intimacy with God opens the door to healing both you and others.