If you are not an addict – go away

The current site attempts to discuss addiction and its causes and our approach to healing. This is not a clinical exhaustive discussion about addiction and treatment, it is a site written by addicts for addicts. We choose to discuss only those things that are relevant to us.  If you are an addict in denial and you are not ready for healing feel free to review the site – but don’t be surprised if you find some of the content offensive, come back when you are ready.

Let’s be really clear – we didn’t know what we were doing.

This project started out as a group of men who were functional addicts, who wanted to be healed or as free as possible.

We were tired of having apparent breakthroughs only to slide back after a few weeks (months) to the same place.

We grew weary of program after program, behaviour modification techniques, averting our eyes, hiding our behaviour.

We were also weary of the shame, guilt and the pain we were causing.


A few of us started meeting weekly and talking openly about our struggles.

We researched, experimented, practiced and recorded a number of techniques and ideas to help us heal addiction and its causes. We soon began to see a profound difference in the men who participated in these techniques and who have stuck with us.

The shame of addiction stops most of us from reaching out to others when we are triggered, so we needed a way to quickly and anonymously access these techniques – especially some of the more complicated ones that are not as easy to remember.

This website started out as a private list of those techniques so that the ideas could be available to us at any place and time.

All members of our group are encouraged to research and develop techniques, so the list of ideas grows. As the list of techniques grows it gets harder to find what you need, so we started categorizing the techniques. Then we realized we will want to point non-members to the site, so that calls for even more structure.


This is not a self-help program

In its current form this site might look like a self-help program, but it is not. 

Most addiction is a byproduct of trauma and is part of the addict’s believe that the world isn’t safe and we must not only self-medicate, but we must also self-protect. This isolation has not really served us well, while it may protect us from being re-traumatized by external forces it also isolates us from the help we can get through community, and from others. Therefore self-help is the last thing we need – we are already doing it badly!

Healing addiction requires taking the risk of allowing healthy outside influences in. We must find ways of getting outside of our heads, and around our unhealthy automatic responses and the subconscious habits that we have developed. This is achieved through community (community with addicts and non-addicts – see notes under community), assistance of counsellors and transformation through an external higher power.

THIS IS NOT A COUNSELLING SITE! If you want/need counselling, go find a counsellor.

Higher Power?

When look for evidence of reliable deep healing we go outside of theory and look for real world experiences of people actually being transformed and healed. The most reliable methods we can find are faith based or include spiritual experiences. When we apply these methods we experience the most profound results.

In our world, full of atheists and different religions, we have embraced the spiritual truths of Christianity. Not to be confused with Christian religions, but rather faith in God as described in the Christian Bible and experienced by Christians. It is important to differentiate Christian Religion from Christian Faith. The difference between religion and spirituality.

The difference is described in the Bible in 2 Timothy 3:5, we are warned about religious people, who:

having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

We embrace the power of faith, the love of Jesus, the transformative ability of the Holy Spirit and the authority of God.

We acknowledge that the God who created the world has all power and authority over us too, so it’s only logical to trust and align ourselves with that God. Anything else would be foolish.

You will find that most of our techniques or methods rely on partnering with Jesus, if you have a problem with that, then there is an exciting opportunity for you to discover some truths about our world.