Becoming a Healer

In the Christian spiritual tradition, there is the idea of praying in the opposite spirit. When someone is manifesting something negative (pain, guilt, sin, etc.), rather than focusing on the negative, we bless the opposite – positive.

Example: While praying for someone, the Lord reveals to me, that the person is actually a pathological liar. So I pray in the opposite spirit, I pray that the spirit of truth would rule their life.

Addiction is about taking, it’s about putting our needs ahead of the needs of others. Even when we hide our addiction (and pretend we are sheltering others from our problems), it is still really about us, and protecting our addiction (hiding our shame). 

Let’s move in the opposite spirit. Let’s learn to give more then we take. Let’s learn to care for others and learn to help heal others, instead of just healing ourselves.

There is a tradition in Christianity, of laying on of hands, and partnering with God to impart healing.

This gift of healing is freely given by God, through the Holy Spirit. Although “supernatural” in nature, it has been a common part of many church services and practices, since the time of Jesus.

Called by God to love and care for others, any Christian can receive and impart this gift.

Traditionally a church Elder would pray this over you and anoint you. If an Elder is not available, ask a mature Christian friend. If no one is available, try praying for the gift yourself. 

Get a Church Elder:

  1. Ask a Church Elder to pray for you and anoint you in the Holy Spirit. Ask the Elder to anoint you with the gift of healing. 
  2. Go find someone to pray for. Pray for 100 people.

If a Church Elder is not available:

Have some oil handy – olive oil or other oil.


Jesus I choose to forgive everyone how has hurt me,
(Ask the Lord if there is anyone in particular you need to forgive, and forgive them)

Jesus, I confess that I am a sinner. Please Lord, forgive and release me from my sinful ways. (Pray to be forgiven of any specific sins that come to mind.)

Holy Spirit, fill me with your love and grace. Come into my heart and rest there.

Dip one finger into the oil and as you pray, mark the sign of the cross, on the palms of your hands and on your forehead.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
Holy Spirit, please anoint me with the gift of healing, that I might better serve you and others, Lord. 

Sit quietly and relax. Imagine the power of God flowing down through you. Thank Jesus for the gift of healing.

Thank you Jesus for your gift of healing and your Love…

Next time you encounter anyone who requires healing, offer to pray for them. See what happens.

Then do it another 100 times.