Do you deserve sexual pleasure?

Why do you believe that you require or deserve sexual pleasure?

Do you believe that you are less of a man (or a woman) if you do not have regular sexual encounters? (Whether from pornography or with other people)

When we don’t understand what our real problems are, we turn to quick fixes, things that feel good, to bury or avoid the pain.

Sex is good.

But compulsive sexual behaviour that we habitually indulge in, does us more damage than good. It cheapens and damages our sexuality.

Something intended to be sacred, intimate and life-giving becomes cheap or shameful. This great gift becomes a burden, or becomes the meaningless act of just “getting off.”

Let’s elevate sex and make it special again.

I believed that I deserved or required sex to make me happy. I was obsessed with sex and pornography and masturbation. I “knew” that I needed this to be happy. But looking back over 20 years, of feeding this hunger, I was no better off. I was probably less happy and more stressed. It wasn’t working, it didn’t help me.

Do this


Jesus, When did I first start believing the lie that the world owes me sexual pleasure?

(Wait for your answer)

Jesus, with regard to this lie, who do I need to forgive?

(Wait for your answer)

In Jesus’ name, I forgive¬† (name from above)¬† for teaching me the lie
that I deserve sexual pleasure, or require sexual pleasure to be happy.
I reject this lie.

Holy Spirit, come and anoint me with the spiritual gift of celibacy between me, everyone, and everything, except in relation to my spouse.