Goals versus Rewards


Addiction is flooded with reward-seeking behaviour.

“I hurt, I am lonely, I am tired.”
“I deserve, I need a reward now.”

The reward is fleeting, a shot of dopamine, that momentarily satisfies a perceived need for pleasure, as an antidote to pain or discontentment. The next triggering will require another quick dose of dopamine and the cycle continues.


Long term goals are something that you are working toward. Every small step toward the goal releases a continuous slow drip of dopamine and helps instill an overall sense that life is good. Goals also provide a reason to keep on struggling through life, as good goals provide a purpose and help us see that our lives have meaning and value.

To Do

Pray, meditate, think: what is something that I want to achieve?
What steps lie between me, here and now, and that goal being achieved.
Start walking in that direction.


Consider: where do I want to be in 5 years?

Start walking toward that goal:
– Plan the steps you will need to take.
– Seek help planning if necessary.
– Start walking out those steps, many small steps.
– Give yourself grace if you stumble, get back up and keep going.

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