Addiction and addictive behaviour is about taking. It’s about obsessing on our needs, rather than the needs and feelings of others.

Healing is about being concerned about the needs of others.

There is a tradition in Christianity of laying on hands and partnering with God to impart healing.

This gift of healing is freely given by God through the Holy Spirit, and although supernatural in nature it has been a common part of many church services and practices since the time of Jesus.

Called by God to love and care for others, any Christian can receive and impart this gift.

To Do

Get a Church Elder.

  1. Ask the Church Elder to pray for you and anoint you in the Holy Spirit and to anoint you as a Healer.
  2. Go find someone to pray for, pray for 100 people.

If a Church Elder is not available

  1. Pray to the Holy Spirit to receive the gift of healing. Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and mind and ask the Holy Spirit to anoint you with the gift of healing.
  2. Go find someone t pray for, pray for another 100 people.
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