Meditation #1

Getting into your Subconscious

Meditation is the art of becoming aware of yourself and opens the potential for deep, inner healing.

Our addiction triggers live deep within the subconscious “fight or flight” areas of our minds. These unhealthy coping methods are based on the old hurts and lies that have become part of us. Through meditation, we can start transforming this brokenness.

Practicing meditation calms our thinking and sheds the busy-ness of our brains, which both physically and mentally transforms our brains and our consciousness.

Consistency is key. Try meditating first thing in the morning and / or at a consistent time at night. Short, regular meditations are more productive than long sessions every few weeks. Try meditating for 5 minutes a day and add 1 minute each week.


Find a quiet place where you will be less likely to be interrupted.

Sit upright in a comfortable position and relax.

Throughout the session, if any sounds or interruptions occur, simply label them and tell them you will deal with them later. Example, “That is a noise, I will deal with that later.”

Take a few seconds to remind yourself that you are setting aside this time for yourself, and you are in no hurry. Feel your body and allow it to relax, let any tension drain away from you.

Listen to your breathing. Feel yourself inhale and exhale deeply, through a few breaths, until you start to feel your thought processes calm and your body relax.

Remember the feeling of being filled by the Holy Spirit, while you are concentrating on your breathing. Pull this sensation down through your mind and body. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you again.

Surrender to the Holy Spirit.

Stay in the place of meditation for as long as time permits.

With practice and patience you will be able to meditate for longer and longer periods of time. As your meditation ability increases, your connection and intimacy with God, through the Holy Spirit, will also increase. A natural consequence of this practice is a renewed mind, and the ability to have dialogues with God / Jesus.