Psychic Brain Surgery

I know, I know, not a very Christian title.

The majority of addicts suffer with some level of unresolved trauma.

Trauma can cause physical changes to our brains. Victims of trauma will have under developed frontal cortexes (higher or rational thinking) and over developed limbic systems (instinctive, fight or flight thinking). As a result when triggered an addict’s “go to” is instinctive, typically pleasure seeking, behaviour. 

Healing from addiction involves healing or re-wiring our brains. Fortunately Jesus promises to renew our minds. (Romand 12:2).

To Do

Pray: Holy Spirit come into my heart and mind, and fill me with your presence.

Wait on the Lord, feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, imagine the Holy Spirit flooding your body and mind.

Visualize the power and light of the Holy Spirit flooding your mind.

Pray: Holy Spirit re-write the broken passages in my mind. 

Holy Spirit heal and re-balance the effects of pain and trauma in my mind.

Holy Spirit heal and re-write the passages in my mind that lead to addiction.

Jesus you promise a renewed mind,

so Jesus please renew the deepest portions of my mind,

to come in line with your perfect healthy plan for my life.

Thanks you Jesus.

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