Triggering is a (typically) subconscious, spontaneous reaction to some sort of stimuli.

The reaction is typically out of proportion to the trigger, and can be fear, sadness, panic, flashbacks, pain, etc.

The addict responds by seeking comfort or reward.

What triggers us is not always obvious. It’s useful to keep a journal to help track our day-to-day lives and record any time we indulge in our addiction. Then review what was happening in the hours or even days before that. Often we will find there are two triggers: the first trigger touches us deeply but we bravely set it aside, but it’s still festering in us; and the the second trigger that pushes us over the edge.


Trigger #1, I argue with a coworker, and lose the argument, I feel bad, but I tell myself that I am OK, maybe some self talk, but I’m OK!

Trigger #2, I stay up late working. Seems the turmoil from the previous day’s argument is sill slow burning within me, and I’ tired, I “need” comfort – I indulge in my addiction.


Consider a person who has unresolved trauma, they are walking around most of the time with that weight on them, they are far more susceptible to being triggered.

To Do

  1. As mentioned above, journal and look for patterns so you can identify your triggers.
  2. Pray, when you are going into a situation that is likely to trigger, that you will be safe or insulated from the trigger.
  3. When triggered pray:
    Jesus what is the lie I am believing?
    Identify the lie
    Jesus what is the truth?
    Proclaim, out loud:
    I reject the lie (lie from above) and I proclaim the truth (the truth the Lord revealed).
    Thank you Lord for you love and healing.
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